Friday, March 16, 2012

Letter from Jenna...

Yesterday Black Sensei announced that when we teach our progressing investigators, we are ONLY allowed to bring in our scriptures and a Japanese dictionary, and a TINY notecard with the the lesson plan on it. No reading anything. Oh, he also said we could bring the gift of tongues. Sister Long and I teach a lesson tomorrow. Wow! I am not TOO nervous. I think we will learn Japanese a lot faster this way. This week I have actually enjoyed teaching a lot. Even though it is only 'practice' the Spirit stills works with us and it feels very real. Our other Sensei, Mortensen Sensei, said she has been touched by the missionaries over and over again when she's been the investigator so in a way we truly are teaching! I told you a bit about Black Sensei last week, now I will tell you about Mortensen Sensei. She is wonderful! For the first two weeks we ONLY knew her as Higaki-san because she was our progressing investigator, and we only saw her when we taught her. Then one day we found out she was going to become our second Sensei. It was SO strange when she started talking to us in English! I think some of the Elders were actually convinced she didn't speak American. Haha. She is wonderful though and I just think the world of her. She served in Hiroshima (sp?) and got back I think a year ago and is now a math major at BYU. She is a bit taller then me, but TINY. Her arms are about as big around as one of Black Sensei's fingers. :) Sister Long and I can both understand her Japanese a lot better then we can Black Sensei's. Maybe because she is a girl? Who knows!
So the other morning at breakfast Tanabe Shimai started laughing and said "Oh I just were TOTALLY talking in your sleep last night really Japanese!" haha. Sister Omen said I'd woken her up too but she'd thought it might have just been a dream. LOL. They said they weren't sure exactly what I was saying...but! That's almost as good as dreaming in Japanese right??
Sister Eubank from the Relief Society general board came and spoke to us during relief society on Sunday. She is SO AMAZING. She served a mission in Finland. And I didn't realize this until the end but she has never been married or had kids. I think when she said that everyone in the audience listened a little closer, because what a DIFFICULT, difficult trial that would be. But she absolutely beams with light and joy and I know that God will give her the blessing of an eternal marriage when the time is right. I also met a senior sister this week who is going to Tokyo with her husband. She doesn't know the language, but her husband does. They got to the MTC last Wednesday and they left on Monday! What incredible faith that woman has! How scary to go into Japan so quickly without knowing the language or much about it. I am striving to have that kind of faith every day.
 I have been sleeping very well here, so your prayers are being heard. :) Goodness though we still get so tired during the day it's ridiculous. I hope my capacity to feel the Spirit is getting bigger because I think feeling the Spirit is high quantities drains the mortal body!
I love you so much! Thank you for the prayers and thoughts! :) THE CHURCH IS TRUE.
~Wylie Shimai

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