Friday, April 13, 2012

Letter from Jenna...

I think I will start off with some exciting news that came in the mail for all of us last night...TRAVEL PLANS!! :D :D :D :D We are actually going to Japan! What! The MTC has honestly just blown by so quickly for me, and this last week probably will too. My flight leaves at 8:35 on March 23rd. So that is only 10 days away! We have about a four hour layover in LA between 9:30 and 1:00 California time. We will then land in Tokyo on March 24th at 4:30pm. BOOM! I can hardly believe it! Still seems so surreal to me.

Okay next I need to thank people for some absolutely wonderful letters this week! They REALLY boosted my spirits and I just appreciate them all so much. Thank you thank you thank you. Knowing I am supported by such amazing people makes all the difference on the hard days.

This week I ran into Andrew Campbell. If someone could tell his parents this, that'd be awesome. He looked so good! When we ran into each other he was surrounded by Elders from his district and there seemed to be a really good feeling amidst the lot of them. He seemed really happy and well and it was so good to see him here. Also another random of the new Shimai is from Australia and she said shes knows Elder Taylor Wilson! Her name is Rodgers Shimai, and she said Elder Wilson helped her little brother serve a mini mission and that they are really good friends. SMALL WORLD.

Our district was asked to host the new missionaries this week. This was a welcome break in our schedule, and such a pleasure to see all the new missionaries and help them get started here at the MTC. Yeah, I am a veteran now. Pretty awesome. I saw Aunt Dorene again which is always fun. They are having us host next week as well.

I have still been sick this week, but I think I am finally getting better. It's been frustrating being sick at the MTC, but it has taught me a lot. I was actually pondering on this the other day, about what I have gained from the experiences I've had here. For a brief moment I was sad because I don't feel like I've progressed in the language as much as I'd hoped, but then the Lord turned my thoughts to all the things I HAVE learned and how I've changed these past months. It really opened my eyes as I began realizing how much has been put into my heart and how the Spirit has worked with me, though I wasn't always able to see how I was growing and changing. I feel really humbled and blessed and filled with this sweet love that the Savior has for me and for all his children. The Lord has opened my heart to learn about the Atonement here in many personal ways. A story my companion told me really illustrates what I've learned and how I feel about the Atonement.

Think of the Savior on the day of his crucifixion. He was taken to Pilate that morning after being taken from place to place all night long and being treated absolutely unfairly and unlawfully. He was then put in the dungeons with another named Barabbas. This Barabbas was a murderer. He had committed many crimes and was deserving of whatever punishment awaited him. The dungeon chambers were beneath the balcony where Pilate asked the people who they wanted him to free. Though the noise was jumbled, he was possibly able to hear the cries of the people when they yelled 'Barabbas! Barabbas!' and then, moments later, he heard 'Crucify him! Crucify him!' How this would have terrified Barabbas! He may have been sitting there in a panic, overwhelmed with the sudden knowledge that they wanted him crucified. Then he heard the footsteps of the soldiers coming down the steps. His heart must've been pounding through his chest. What a horrible moment this may have been for him. The steps drew near and the Soldiers approach...and then they take Jesus.

We are Barabbas. We have sinned and are deserving of justice and its punishment. But The Savior, our Lord and Redeemer, has made intercession for us. Instead of us being taken, He was taken and punished for our sins. Our pure, innocent older brother suffered the punishment so that we don't have to, if we will only repent and turn to Him. What a heart-wrenching, incredible truth. What a beautiful gift He has laid at our feet. I hope I can always hold precious in my heart these lessons that I have learned about the Atonement. And I know I've only brushed the surface.

My time is gone. But I love you all so much. Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement and love! I would not be here without you.

Sister Wylie

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