Monday, June 18, 2012

From my side of the lake...

First of all...I got a nice surprise this week! :D A package from my mommy!! Thank you SO MUCH for the kanji cards, and the adorable skirt, and the food. Haha. It is nice to have some food with labels I can read. Seriously. Maybe God is trying to break me of my obsessive-label-reading habits because I never know what's in the food I make here and I just have to deal with it. Thank you thank you thank you. :) It made me so happy. The cards will be super helpful, and I love the skirt. Tomura Shimai was so tickled you sent her a little surprise too! We listen to music a lot when we are in the apartment so it's been nice to have some new tunes. I love you. :)

Also I got a wonderful letter from Grandpa this week. It was very inspiring and please make sure he knows I appreciated it so much. I didn't realize he had flown to Japan so many times while he was in the air force.

Have I mentioned yet that the Jehovah Witnesses have been popping out of the woodwork here the past few weeks? I didn't even know they existed in Japan. Apparently some people confuse them with us. They have come to our apartment twice now wanting to 'debate' the bible. They figured out there is a foreigner living here and for some reason that makes them more interested in debating with us. We've never opened the door to them, just told them politely over the intercom that we're not interested and don't have time. Haha. Strange.

My new skill of the week is texting in Japanese. Woohoo! During follow-up time some nights I send emails through the phone so I had to figure out how in the world to do it in Japanese. It's fun, but I am still painfully slow. Luckily Tomura Shimai has great patience. :) Funny story of the week...yesterday we had tons to do so we woke up early and when I wake up early here, especially on Sundays, I am DRAINED by about 4pm. Something about going to church in another language really overloads my mind for the day. Tomura Shimai has declared that I am not allowed to wake up early anymore because of how it affects my face during the day. Lol. Anyway I kept telling her I felt like a pansy for not being able to handle little sleep hours better. At the end of the day during planning she turned to me and asked why in the world I kept calling myself a 'chimpanzee'.....LOL. After a few minutes she understood I'd been saying 'pansy' and not 'chimpanzee'. It was pretty funny.

We taught relief society yesterday. Since the topic was missionary work, they figured it would be quite appropriate for us to give the lesson. SCARY. But I think it went well. Heavenly Father really blessed my heart so that it wasn't pounding out of my chest. He helped me to find peace. Though my grammar was definitely rough (I could tell by a few of the older woman tilting their heads to the side occasionally) I felt like myself and that my words were from my heart. We've been praying to find more ways to connect with the ward so this opportunity was a great blessing.

Ida Shimai is hitting some rough spots but she has still got her eyes on baptism. Any prayers sent her way would be wonderful. :) The first picture I sent is of me and her. Oh and the picture Tandy posted was taken at the church in Nakano, right by the mission home. We went to a fireside by the Albrecht's for our stake and I met a bunch of Tandy's mission buddies. It was rainy and humid that day so I was a mess haha but the work goes on!

That is all for this one...but I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and support! Happy birthday again Trevor!! Glad you had a great day. :)
Wylie Shimai

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