Monday, June 4, 2012

One day at a time...

This week has been both good and hard, haha, full of the extremes. Seems my life usually tends to linger in one extreme or another. There have been a number of instances this week where my brain feels like it is just too slow to pick up this language and live up to the expectations I feel on my shoulders. Sometimes it feels like my brain is trying to run through sand. Tomura Shimai is incredible, and I love her. With the Lord's help I have been able to swallow a lot of correction and improvement and accept my weaknesses more easily. I have been trying to find what my role is in the mission right now, how my talents and abilities can best help the Lord's work here in Koiwa. I have slowly come to realize that it is impossible to be everything that Tomura Shimai is...but maybe that is okay. I am not Nihonjin, and I can't teach with the same fluency and ease that she does, and I don't have the Japanese background she does. But...God has called me here, so there must be something I can do. There must be a reason God puts people like me in such foreign places, with a testimony and a desire to serve. I just need to figure out how I fit in.

You will be happy to know that I use my violin quite often. Played at a baptismal service on Saturday. It was for one of the Elder's investigators. A Mongolian who speaks neither Japanese nor English, haha. He is here with his wife and baby. His wife is studying at a university here. She has been the translator for him learning the gospel, and they are an amazing family.

One miracle in particular stands out this week. I believe I mentioned Ida Shimai in my last letter....she is now committed to be baptized on July 14th. :D And she is so excited. She came to a baptismal service on Saturday, and we had a very moving lesson with her afterwards. Lots of tears and happiness, and the Spirit. She is such a character and so much fun. I feel very comfortable with her and we always have fun when teaching and working with her. She comes to Eikaiwa and a lot of other activities we do. July 14th is at the end of this transfer, so it will most likely be my last week with Tomura Shimai. Very special. We are so happy and excited for Ida Shimai.

My split with Nishigaki Shimai did go well this week. She was very easy going and relaxed so I was able to feel peaceful with her. We even found a new friend on the street. A 78 year old woman who had a cute old dog. I started talking to her about her dog and then told her we were volunteers for the church, and eventually she invited us to come into her home that was near by. She tried to give us tea and coffee, haha, so Nisshigaki Shimai left her with a Book of Mormon and Word of Wisdom pamphlet. Tomura Shimai and I are going back to visit her today.
Had pizza this week. Homemade. They like to put corn and unrecognizable meat on their pizza. Haha. It was way good, though it made me MISS YOURS, Dad.

Much love and many prayers from across the pond....

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