Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Changing hearts...

This is the last week of the transfers which meant Temple P-day! Loved it. I love love love going to the temple here with the missionaries. Plus I got to meet Sister Budge. I met President Budge earlier this week at an institute choir concert. They are awesome! Young with lots of energy. Their daughter is here with them right now too, but only for a bit. She is 20 but since her dad has been called as mission president she already has a mission call and leaves for the Sapporo Japan mission in a few weeks. We have a mini-zone conference tomorrow and interviews so I will get some one on one time with the budges. More info on that next week. :)

Transfers....we get the call on Saturday. Honestly I am kind of stressed about it but I am trying to move forward in faith and not let it be on my mind.
Thought for this week...we were walking during exercise time in the morning to buy some eggs so we could make cookies for a less-active member's birthday. My mind was on something I've more or less struggled with most of my life and I had that thought, "I don't want this trial!" haha. Almost immediately after I thought it I chuckled to myself a little bit. Of course, if I wanted my trials then they probably wouldn't be trials would they? The Lord really tailors our challenges to our weakest muscles. BUT....we can "...be of good cheer; [Christ] has overcome the world," and can help us overcome our challenges. Truly, He will lift us when the burden is too heavy. I can testify of this. He has been SO MERCIFUL to me and has poured countless blessings into my life. I am so so touched by his grace and hope I can share it with those around me.
Ida Shimai's baptism is scheduled for this Sunday and we are praying and fasting that everything works out, but the timing is a bit uncertain. We aren't sure she has committed to the Word of Wisdom for long enough and need to make sure she is getting baptized for the right reasons. Thank you so much for all your prayers on her behalf. We do have good news for my dear Sachiko Shimai...she wants to be baptized! I don't know if I've mentioned her much before but she is 72 and lives alone but has an LDS daughter who lives in California. She is such a darling old woman and speaks fluent English. She has been a big blessing to me. She had contact with the missionaries before but stopped communicating with them when they started pushing too much about baptism. We started off very slowly with her last transfer just sending her emails and getting to know her a little bit, and little by little she began opening her heart. Eventually she let us visit and then fed us yummy food and then began coming to church again. She fits in SO WELL at church. She loves talking about the lessons. We don't have to worry about her at church because she takes care of herself just fine. I love visiting her because she is always playing Mozart and her home is so cute and smells good. Plus, she feeds us the most delicious food...and usually ice cream and watermelon. :) Anyway she now wants to get baptized and we are planning on next month on the 19th. She said the cutest thing yesterday in an email... "Are you sure I am ready to be baptized? I can't even sing the hymns yet!" SO CUTE.
The weather is HOT. "Mushi atsui!" Humid and hot. It's great though. Yesterday we rode our bikes ALL OVER the place visiting less actives. I love being out on our bikes.
Thank you for your letters every week. Oh I have been teaching Kids Eikaiwa the past two weeks and it's so fun. The kids are so so cute. Big blessing to finally get to interact with the little ones.

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