Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm meeellllllltttttttiiiiiinnnnnggg!!!!!!!!

This is going to be quick and brief so forgive me! Mom I have a bunch of pictures for you but no time to send them today, but we have a few rollover PDAY hours tomorrow so hopefully I will get a chance to pass them along. :)

That is crazy that Uncle Jeff knew the Derricotts!! So did he live here or near Machida? Tell him he better start sending me some referrals! :D There are a few families we are working with here that were referrals from Derricott Shimai's parents.

So funny story we were teaching Kanari-san about the Plan of Salvation and I was explaining the preearth life and the creation. 'Sozo suru' means to create and 'soji suru' means to clean...well, although I know these two words and have never had an issue with them, for some reason they got mixed up in my head and I  told her that God 'cleaned the earth for us' and 'cleaned our body's' and that he 'cleaned everything for us so that we could have a chance to learn and grow'. Finally Takei Shimai asked me 'Do you mean 'sozo'? WHOOPS. Luckily Kanari-san is good natured and not a tough investigator!

I went to a Japanese class for two hours on Saturday! One of our PI's is a volunteer there so we went to the class and are meeting her for lunch next month. Anyway I got sat at a table with a lady from the Philippines. She's lived here for three years. I've lived here for three months. Who thought that was a good idea? So we had a tutor who was a man that lives around here. He was super friendly and nice but oh my goodness my brain was absolutely blown for the rest of the day! Kanji...deep grammar...deep Japanese....little by little!


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