Monday, July 16, 2012

...welcome to Machida!

To start off I might as well announce how transfers went this week. To put it simply, I am now sitting in my new little adorable apartment in Machida! My new companion is Takei Shimai. I am so lucky to be heading into transfer three with another Japanese companion. She is 24 and this will be her 11th transfer. She is a sweetheart, and I think we are going to have a great time together. Leaving Koiwa was tougher then I anticipated. I was really touched by some of the members and investigators that reached out to me to express appreciation my last day. I guess I assumed I'd been viewed as Tomura Shimai's shadow the past few months, but somehow, God helped me touch some hearts. I got a few nifty gifts from some of the members we worked with a lot. I am so impressed with the members here in Japan. Hirakawa Shimai, who has helped us with kodomo eikaiwa, actually sewed me a little purse. So cute! Another sister whom I don't even know that well gave me a piece to a Japanese yukata. You may have seen pictures from Sato Shimai of our little adventure this week trying on yukata's with the relief society sisters. Complicated, but fun. And beautiful.

Iida Shimai was probably the toughest person to say goodbye to. I met her my very first night in Koiwa and we have become good friends. We changed her baptism to next month so that we could help her work through a few things, but I should still be able to attend.

I am not used to this whole transfer business yet. It is really strange, haha, but God has helped me so much to feel peace and to move forward trusting in his hand. Truly, he is here with us in Tokyo. Today for transfers all the sisters met at the church in Kichijoji and then went to eat lunch at...don don don....a PIZZA/SPAGHETTI BUFFET!!!! I was so excited you have no idea. I think it made my whole year. SO YUMMY. Turns out Nihonjin know how to make pizza after all. They are very creative too. I had a pineapple/kiwi pizza with sprinkles (among many others).

President and Sister Budge are FANTASTIC. I am so excited to have them in the mission. So much energy and many new ideas. Plus....President Budge is a health nut! Boom.
Anyway time is short but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Thank you for the letters. I always look forward to them.


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