Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From the melting city of Machida...

My testimony of Joseph Smith has become a lot more apparent as I've testified of the Gospel of Jesus Christ like he did not so long ago. What an incredible man. I can't wait to meet him and Emma Smith someday. They are some of my heroes.

The first week of the transfer went by quickly. Miyuki Shimai is quickly becoming a good friend, and her desire to find the truth is growing stronger. We really love her and want to help her. We had a miracle with her this week when she came to Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Miyuki Shimai has an illness that makes her ridiculously tired, so waking up for church is a challenge. We were expecting her to come at the end like she did the week before, but some ward members rushed in before sacrament started to tell us she had come! Not just on time, but early. She was able to attend all of sacrament meeting. Such a blessing. I have to show you a picture of her hilarious dog, pooh-chan. He is a hoot! I'm convinced he has bear in his ancestry. He has the most massive eyes. When his momma (Miuki san) talks to him he almost always understands, and half the time answers. Once in a while he gets this big confused look on his face and his eyes get all wide and he tilts his head. I got a good laugh from Miyuki Shimai when I told her he looks exactly like me when I can't understand what's going on.

We had zone conference and interviews this week. Also, 5 new sisters are here. 3 are gujin. I've been wanting to talk to all of them but only managed to find where one of them ended up. My dear Kuahara Shimai is a trainer!!!! I sent you pictures I took with her at the MTC. I love that woman! And she is a trainer now! SCARY! Anyway I gave her and her new companion a call the other day. Her companion is Sister Grosland from LINDON. Haha. She graduated a year after me. I'm super curious to find out if I recognize her or not. Is she from our stake?

I thanked President Budge this week for leaving me in Machida another transfer. He replied, 'Why fix something that isn't broken?' Haha. So I guess that is his motto on transfers!
This is a bit short this week but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I really really miss you!  The Lord is with me and I am where I need to be. :) My companion is wonderful and we get along just great. Since third transfer I've actually felt more like a real missionary. Speaking of missionaries...does Davin leave this month??? So excited for him!

Mail has been a bit slow the past few weeks. In fact I think Larry (the lizard) might be eating our mail. So if I am slow to reply, forgive me!

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