Monday, September 17, 2012

Ai shite iru yo!

We just returned from the primary summer festival at the church. On the way back, I heard Takei Shimai (who was ahead of me on her bike) moan and then rush faster towards the apartment. Within a few seconds I also felt the curtain of rain slam down. My reaction was a bit different, however, and I burst out laughing. I'll tell you what though, Takei Shimai generally has a nice pace when we are biking but boy if you want her to move just wait for some rain and she is out of sight! Haha I think she might even beat Tomura Shimai's speed when it's raining. (And that is saying something!!) Apparently there is a typhoon coming tonight. We got to feel the start of it anyways.

Tomorrow we have a 3-zone conference with President Aoyagi of the area presidency. This is a big blessing for the Japanese missionaries I believe, since he is Nihonjin. We are super excited. Takei Shimai is one of the missionaries being interviewed.

Mom you asked about Takei Shimai. She is from Nagano, only about 3 hours out of Tokyo. Her parents were both converted to the church when they were young adults. She has a younger sister who actually lives here in Machida ward haha. She is 24. We were at her apartment last night for a Single Adults activity. Her little brother is on a mission in Sapporo.
Here are the SCARRIEST THINGS I've ever seen!! You have to post this on my blog. :) Rice field bird protection.

Enjoying the countryside and beautiful sky.

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