Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ai shimeshite kudasai

Davin is going on a mission!!!!! :D :D :D Wish him my luck! I will try to send him something to the MTC. And Dallin is in Brazil. They are both going to be stellar missionaries. How long is Davin in the MTC for?

The weather is finally cooling down here in Machida. I actually use a big blanket at night now. It gets pretty cold at night and is the PERFECT temperature during the day. Not sure how long that will last, but I have high hopes!

For starters...yesterday I could not speak Japanese. Seriously my brain just completely shut off the Japanese switch!! Ridiculous. Haha. Anyway we were visiting an 80 year old grandmother we found housing a few weeks ago. She has the CUTEST smile I've ever seen. We were talking casually in her kitchen and I was teaching her how we pray. I told her to fold her arms or clasp her hands, and then I meant to tell her to close her eyes...but I was thinking in half English, and the Japanese half wasn't functioning properly, so I said 'eye o shimeshite' instead of 'me o shimete'. 'eye' sounds like 'ai' which means 'love'. 'shimeshite' means 'show'. So instead of telling her to shut her eyes, I told her to show love. Hahaha. She looked confused and Takei Shimai cocked her head to the side until it dawned on her what I was trying to say. (She is really good at figuring out my Japanese). Anyway we had a good laugh about it and life went on.

Have I mentioned that Takei Shimai looks like an Indian princess? Well she does. She is so beautiful! I attached a picture of us we took while at the Sister Conference this week. Yes, we had an all sister mission conference...and it was so awesome! There are 34 of us here now. But numbers are going down soon...last transfer no new sisters came in. This coming transfer only 1 is coming. The transfer after that, none again. So it looks like I won't get the chance to  train for a while...which may be a good thing. We don't want any poor sisters being traumatized by Wylie Shimai. I can just see it...Sister Budge getting a call late at night, "Wylie Shimai is making animal noises again....I don't know what to do....make it stop!" Haha.

Apparently Brother Sakai (the man I talked about a few weeks ago) was Jeff's mission president. What! Tell Jeff he needs to write me and send a note for him!
I mentioned we are teaching a lady named Satomi san. Her 13 year old son just became an investigator too! He is awesome. Makes me think of Alex. Kept popping his head in during our lesson or bringing us water or something so we invited him to come listen. He became an active participant and even shared about how he's convinced he's felt the Spirit before helping him make decisions. When we told him we were going to pray, we explained that prayer is talking with God....his eyes about popped out of his head! He was so surprised. So cute. What a great age to be introduced to the church! We have such high hopes for their family.

Iida Shimai is actually coming this Sunday. :) And I am playing my violin with the choir. Lucky for me music is a language I can speak!

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