Monday, October 15, 2012


Last week I was missing my dear sweet Iida Shimai like crazy so I decided to give her a call. We email back and forth every week or so but I wanted to talk to her. My zone leader told me it was fine. It was the happiest 20 minutes of my week!!!! I was seriously bouncing around my apartment like a leprechaun! (sp?) She wasn't expecting my call so it was a pleasant surprise. The best part about it? I could understand her! :D The last time we talked was at her baptism over two months ago...which doesn't sound like very long ago, but that's a long time as a missionary! was the most beautiful thing. I felt suddenly I could hear her whereas it's like we were speaking under water before. I love her to pieces. I hope you can meet her someday. She is coming to Machida ward in a few weeks to visit. The same day I am playing violin with the choir. Should be a good day. :)

General Conference was a miracle. We had five investigators total come! Quite unexpectedly too. We'd invited just about everyone of course, but until Saturday morning and Sunday morning we didn't have a definitive answer from anyone. Because not many people come for the Saturday sessions there weren't any English speaking I got to watch 5 hours of conference in Japanese! I'll tell you what...there is no better way to humble an American missionary in Japan! Haha. But it was all okay because I was with our investigators. I couldn't seem to piece together sentences after that though. In trying to retell a phrase Takei Shimai taught me, I said 'Even dishes fall from trees.' LOL. The correct phrase is 'Even monkeys sometimes fall from trees.' It got some good laughs though. I actually pray sometimes to be able to make my companion laugh, and those prayers are almost always answered...generally by me doing something ridiculous like mixing up names or shouting happy birthday to members when it's not their birthday...but it makes people laugh so it is okay!

Unfortunately I have to cut this short today we are out of time. I love you.
Machida missionaries and some investigators.

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