Monday, October 8, 2012

My Machida

First things first...I am staying in Machida for another transfer....and keeping Takei Shimai for her last!! I am so so happy to be working with her another six weeks. And it will be special working with a 'dying' missionary. We are planning out a lot of fun P-days, and some serious dendo time! If the Lord has any reason not to work some serious miracles here in Machida this coming transfer, we want to make sure it is undoubtedly not us!
Today we went with some of the single adults in the ward to a food festival thing, featuring tons of booths with food from Hokaido. We also went to a big park and my first shrine. Amazing I've been in Japan for five months, and just barely got around to seeing a shrine!! Haha. It was pretty neat. Nestled in the middle of woods. The woods were my favorite part. I don't think I've been somewhere not surrounded by some type of building until today. Don't worry though, living in a big city is fun. I actually enjoy it quite a lot.

About Conference...we actually haven't watched it yet. They get it a week late here in Japan. Not sure why, but it is what it is, and boy are we looking forward to it! A little strange feeling a bit disconnected from Utah. But I get to split with Juliander Shimai and watch it in English, so I am grateful for that. One of Takei Shimai's biggest dreams is to be able to understand the prophet, in English. I admire so much the strength and testimony of the Japanese people. They obey and love a prophet who doesn't speak their native language! But they have so much faith. Anyway since it's Takei Shimai's last transfer she is going to come listen to the last session in English with me. I know she'll do great. :)

I did hear from the zone leaders about the big change in missionary age. God and I had a little laugh about that one. But I am excited. What surprised me the most was that they lowered the age for the young men. I think this is going to bring out a burst of missionaries within the next year or so. How exciting!! I wish I could watch the press conference with President Holland! What a special time to be alive. You can feel the energy of 'hastening the work' coming from the Brethren.

We have a baptismal date for one of our investigators, Nakajima san. She is a classy 60 year old woman we found on our phone that was a former investigator. She likes to go out to expensive restaurants with us about every other week. We do phone lessons the other times. She has helped me gain a testimony of how powerful the Book of Mormon is in the lives of people investigating the church. Since she keeps her commitments, her faith is growing, and we are simply here to guide her along her road to the Savior. What a special opportunity.

Anyway it is finally starting to cool down here. I even wear socks in the morning. :) We are happy and healthy and ready to run into a new transfer!

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