Sunday, October 28, 2012

Out come the scarves! wakaranai!

Beautiful Chichi to Haha...
I got COLD last week...COLD! Unthinkable! Haha it was the strangest experience. We were out on our bikes and suddenly we both looked at each other and said, 'samui!' and from then it feels like Autumn has started. We are wearing more long sleeves and scarves. It is actually kind of nice to be able to switch up the wardrobe a bit. Sure love being a Shimai!

This week has been busy with a lot of late nights and running from place to place. Splits, Halloween party, Tama district meeting, ward conference, Korean cooking activity, and new investigators. I was also humbled to my toes when we had a lesson with an Eikaiwa student named Yu san. He is actually one of my favorite students, and one of the funnest, in the advanced class. His favorite game is charades and he is hilarious. Also he is a genius. 30 years old. Wants to be a philosopher. Anyway the Elders have been teaching him but I bring up the gospel a lot with him in a friendly natural way during Eikaiwa, and then he asked to have a lesson from the Shimai. I was excited because I feel strongly he will be a member in the future. So we found a member (an RM who went to Hawaii) and had a lesson with him on Saturday. The Elders warned us that usually lessons consist of answering his endless list of questions. I guess I didn't ponder much before hand on what it would be like to teach a philosophy guru who is brilliant and full of deep Japanese. He jumped right in to deep questions about Christ and about self-improvement and all sorts of things...really great thinker, really great heart. But I was humbled by my lack of intellectual conversational skills in Japanese and about deep doctrine in the bible. It was kind of a flash back of lessons during my first few weeks when I wondered what in the world I could possibly contribute. My simple way of usually teaching the gospel seemed utterly insufficient. At the end of almost 2 hours when we were packing up to leave he said kindly, 'This was a really great experience to be able to discuss my thoughts with the sisters. But it would have been nice to hear more from Wylie Shimai.' Whoops. I realized how silent I had been during the discussion. About 20 minutes in I'd started desperately searching for heaven's help. But perhaps my prayers were too late. From this experience I have been really pondering on how much I NEED the spirit. I need to be much more conscious of his guidance and seeking of his help before and during lessons. And in my life, I have to absolutely put everything on the altar that might possibly hinder his influence. Of course this is something I already knew, that I'm sure most missionaries know...but, being human, sometimes we let the things of a spiritual nature become habitual and our heart slightly disconnects. Lucky for us, God loves us, and is quick to remind us to keep our eyes turned towards heaven!

Thank goodness everyone except me had a really great experience. Haha. Yu san is even bringing a friend with him to eikaiwa and our lesson next week.
Yesterday was ward conference and I played my violin with the choir. Strange how I'm not so uptight about playing my violin here as I was in Utah. Anyway the Spirit was felt and that is the purpose of my music, so I felt good. Ward conference was also fantastic. I love our bishop and stake president. We've been able to build really good relationships especially with the bishop's family. They are pretty young, maybe late 30's. We went to their house for dinner a few weeks ago and we we walked into the genkan there was this container with dirt and these huge larva and I was like what in the world is that? He said it was beetle larva and they ate it with their meals. Of course, being me, I completely believed him. And naturally, being about to eat dinner at their house, I was only slightly able to conceal my horror. Haven't heard the end of it since.

Sadly Iida Shimai got sick on Friday and was unable to come see me on Sunday. I haven't asked her again about the Liahona but I will let you know. :)
My cough is still here but I do have medicine, and I think it might be might just have to deal with it until the air clears up. Besides my lungs I am genki! So no worries. :)

LOVE YOU TO PIECES! Next week will be my halfway mark. When did that happen?????

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