Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eeeeeee......Life is scary!

So we didn't really have a P-day this week except for the temple because we had appointments immediately afterwards and ever since! Haha so we are sending emails today amidst Takei Shimai's packing and our deep cleaning of the apartment before transfers. TRANSFERS...AHH! We find out Saturday morning who will be taking Sister Takei's place. I am kind of freaking out. Okay I'm freaking out. Basically I'm taking over our little Machida now...or at least leading the way....with no clue yet who's going to be beside me! Wild. This whole mission business sure is something. I'm glad we have more awareness in picking our more permanent companion in the future...haha.

Our Stake president, the bishops. and all the missionaries in this stake are participating in a 40 day fast for missionary work. They've done this once before with us, and it brings so much power into the work. We can almost feel it in the air sometimes. Today is our day so we started at 12pm and will end tomorrow at the same time. It's kind of cool because at the same time someone stops, the next person immediately starts. Recently we've been seeing a lot of growth in our teaching pool, and some big miracles with our investigators. We started an afternoon kids English class at the church about a month ago, and yesterday had to split into two classes because the mom's are bringing new friends every week and the class was getting too big. The kids are all ages 3-4. What we do is have an English class for 30 minutes, and then a 30 minute church lesson. We have a group now of 6 young mothers and their ADORABLE children coming every week. We have been so surprised at how fast it's grown! The interesting thing is that it's probably one of the hardest appointments for me, and also the most effective! Funny how life works that way. The experiences that are the most trying are, often, the ones that bring the most blessings. God sure is stretching me!

Tonight we are actually going back to the temple!!! Iida Shimai is going to be baptized for the dead. :) We got permission from the Zone leaders to go, and somehow amidst our crazy schedule, God made time for us to go with her tonight. I am so excited. This is such a special experience. My first two transfers were SO tough for me, and Iida Shimai is one of the tender mercies God gave to me from that time. Such a miracle. I can't wait to tell you about it next time I write. :)

Not sure when my next Pday is going to be by the thank you for your patience!
Satomi Shimai and her son Shutaro kun are fantastic. We also met the dad this week, and we were pleased to learn that he is a good good guy. Drinks a lot of beer, haha, but that is normal. We are praying he also starts to listen to our message soon. Satomi Shimai has such a beautiful open heart. This week was our last lesson together with Sister Takei, and Satomi shimai gave us these beautiful glass angel ornaments. We were so surprised by her kindness. She started crying as we were leaving. She loves Sister Takei so much.

It is incredibly intimidating to be taking on the huge responsibility of leading the area. Please pray for me! And for my new companion. Ahhhhhh new companion!!

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