Monday, December 10, 2012

Here comes Santa with a bag full of sushi...

Well first of all I managed to NOT pass out during my talk on Sunday! That by itself is something I'm quite pleased about. Haha. :) Okay so my talk went decently I think. All leading up to it I had the feeling you get when you're standing under a massive elephant in the jungle and if you make a wrong move he's going to step on you and then you realize that you're also standing in a puddle of pickled plums that someone might make you eat....

...OK so I've never stood under a massive elephant...but I have stared at a bowl of pickled plums with a grimace wondering when someone is going to make me eat them! Haha anyway where were we? Oh yeah my talk! Okay so I felt pretty strange all leading up to it like I said but once I started talking I was fine. Also Mikami Shimai, one of my favorite people in the ward, was also on the stand to give a talk so that made me happy. Sort of wondering if everything I said was chipunkanpun (gibberish) but everyone was smiling anyways. I talked about God's love being the center of missionary work, and talked about Sister Sachiko. :) Did I mention that Sister Oseki also worked in Koiwa and met Sister Sachiko?
Bree has most definitely been a blessing to me, and I've noticed it the most since coming on a mission. Right now I have FIVE investigators who have children or siblings with autism or Down syndrome or aspergers! Can you believe that? Not to mention families in the ward. It has been such a miracle, first of all, that I can relate to them. Second of all, that I can testify powerfully and with conviction about the purity of these spirits and the reality of the resurrection.
It was so cute yesterday in sunday of the autistic boys in our ward, Yuji kun, about 20 years old, was giving a little presentation in the single adults class. He stood up and held up his pictures and then looked around until he saw me, and then asked, "Wylie Shimai can you see okay??" Haha it was so cute. He always remembers my name and wanted to make sure I was watching.

This week was absolutely ridiculously challenging, but we came out of it with SO MANY miracles.

Thank you so much for your prayers for Sister Oseki! She is walking and riding her bike again which is a miracle, we just make sure to walk up hills instead of bike them. The doctor honestly didn't do much of anything except give her these funny knee patches that she wears every day now. From what I've been able to figure out it is a ligament inflammation problem, or a nerve sliding under her knee cap. Whatever it is...a priesthood blessing, everyone's prayers, and Sister Oseki's unshakable faith have really brought her a miracle. We're being careful, but the work is unhindered! This transfer is blowing by and I hope and pray we don't get moved from Machida! Until this transfer I haven't ever given specific requests for transfers but now in every president letter I've been asking to stay! Ultimately of course the Lord knows best but if he gives me any say in the matter...I am quite planted here in Machida. Hopefully I'm not cursing myself by saying that. Haha.  

Another miracle this week...I've been talking to Miyuki Shimai again. It was such a warm sweet feeling that came when she started to call me again. I really want to help her. Lately she's been having some weird problems that have been taking her to the hospital a lot, and they're wondering if it's cancer. I don't know her reason for coming back in contact but I am so grateful, and hopeful that her heart will be softened to hear the gospel again.

Next miracle...the Kondo's. Brother and Sister Kondo were first found by Elder Davis about 1 1/2 years ago. They've been investigating the church on and off ever since and slowly their lives have been changing. They showed me a picture of them with Elder Davis from maybe a year ago and I couldn't believe it! The gospel changes people. It changes hearts. And the power of the Savior is real. :) They came back in contact with the missionaries during my last few weeks with Sister Takei. They've been to church almost every week since and have finally managed to quit tobacco. Sister Oseki has been an angel for them. For some reason they clicked right from the start and we went from hoping to set a date with them for next year sometime this transfer to an actual baptism in two weeks! They have a baptismal service planned for December 22nd. Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas!

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