Monday, January 14, 2013

Japan believes in SNOW

Apparently Japan DOES believe in snow! I haven't seen a speck of snow until this morning, and now there is almost a foot on the ground outside! I couldn't be happier.

This might be a bit short this week, forgive me, but we had the biggest miracle walk into our church last week. Remember Emily? Yeah. She is so beautiful. We had our first official lesson with her last Tuesday, and talked to her about baptism. She had told everyone she wanted to be baptized so we decided to lay everything on the table and ask her when she wanted to be baptized. We felt it was right to let her choose. We'd been surprised to find her Book of Mormon marked like crazy all the way up to second Nephi (at this point she'd only had the Book of Mormon for two days). Anyway although she had tons of questions (good questions) she ate up everything and just had this glow about her. We talked to her about baptism and told her everything she would have to do beforehand (meet with us 4-5 more times, learn the commandments, come to church every week, etc.) and then asked her when she wanted to be baptized. After thinking for a few moments she said, 'kon shu no nichiyoubi wa do desu ka?' 'how about this Sunday?

Because we couldn't finish all the lessons that fast and next week is stake conference, her baptism is scheduled for the 27th.

She is the most prepared person I have ever met. We just adore her. We have no idea why the Lord has blessed us with such a beautiful investigator but we are so grateful for this chance.

Daddy, I've been listening to lots of Christmas music and it reminds me of you and your passion for music. Thanks for that. :) I am playing my violin in stake conference next week!! It will be at the Machida building where I worked, with the Machida choir. They knew I was transferring but also that I would be in the same stake and really wanted me to play. So I said I would. :) Should be fun!

I am teaching English class. Every area in Tokyo has free English class every Wednesday night. Other classes vary depending on the missionaries. But the Wednesday one we always have no matter what. Here in Kofu we are also doing a kid eikaiwa on Saturday. It is fun, but I sure miss my little girls from Machida. I had a special group of kids there and since I found all the families with Sister Takei they were all really special to me. I know at least one family will be baptized if the missionaries keep working with them.

The people here take such good care of us. I cannot even explain how at home I feel here. Something about being surrounded by mountains, and the beautiful people here...just are so special to me. I will always love this place.

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