Thursday, May 9, 2013

We live under a God of Mercy!

You would not believe what a week this has been! We came home from Tokyo a few hours ago after attending the temple. Soon afterwards we received a phone call from President us an early transfer call!!! Oh my goodness God has been so merciful to me!!!!!!!! So the new missionaries are actually coming to Japan early (this Thursday) because of some scheduling conflicts...and he said he is sending two of them out to us on Saturday morning! Sister Long and I will BOTH be STAYING IN KIRYU and TRAINING! :D I still can't believe it! We've been hoping and working so hard for this all transfer....and the Lord has just poured this great blessing to us! I never would have guessed that I would end my mission training in Kiryu, in a 4-shimai apartment with Sister Long!! I still am seriously sitting here barely able to breath....and yet it has left my heart so peaceful! No stressing this week about transfer calls...just preparing for our new little ones!

Leadership training was awesome last week. I was sitting in the same chapel I sat in over a year ago during my first zone meeting...and comparing then to now left me a bit breathless. I couldn't believe I was sitting in that same room at what seemed like such a short time later, with the leadership in the mission, me as one of them. It blows my mind. More about this next week! But things are good.

OH!!! And we had a wonderful baptismal service for Ogiwara san on Sunday. :) More about that later too!

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