Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Like a fire is burning

Happy June...? Wait what? JUNE????
That's how I feel about that!
So anyway. We had something really awesome happen last week! We taught a combined lesson with Brother Ogiwara, another recent convert, and their home teacher, about missionary work. Although we didn't directly ask them for referrals, we challenged them to pray for missionary opportunities, and to think of a friend who might listen to the gospel. Well...we finished off the week with 3 referrals from Brother Ogiwara!! He had us write letters to two of his friends, introducing ourselves and the church, and set up to bring another one with him to Stake Conference yesterday. We could hardly believe it. He is so cute, too. He met us at the church where we passed him the letters he'd asked us to write, along with other materials he might need, and then off he went to deliver them. After handing off each one he would call us and report how it went. So amazing. He is already such a blessing for this ward!

In other news...Stake Conference was yesterday! Since our ward building isn't big enough to seat the whole stake, they rented out a culture center hall close by. As we walked in the members passing out programs stopped us and asked if we were Kiryu sisters. After confirmation of names they quickly pulled us with them down the hall and told us they were waiting for us on the stage. Apparently I was assigned to translate the meeting into English for Sister Budge. Haha! Surprisingly I haven't had a lot of opportunities to translate on my mission. It was VERY humbling. We did have the miracle of  5 investigators coming to stake conference! Anna, unfortunately, was not feeling well and although we went to her apartment that morning, wasn't able to attend. She sure is having some tough challenges right now. My heart just aches to get her into the gospel where she can feel the safety and peace that comes from our Savior.
It's kind of been a scary feeling, recently, feeling like there is a clock hanging over my head, and that I only have so much time to help the people here. I suppose it happens to every missionary, where the urgency of the work lays more heavily on the shoulders as the months roll by. The thought of leaving some of these people before I know they are safely 'in' just tears my heart apart.
We found a little family recently named the Kazama's. Maybe I mentioned them already. Anyway the oldest child is a girl and she is 10. She and her siblings come running as soon as we turn our bikes onto their street. We are trying to get them to primary this week, although their parents might not come. I've never really worked with children on my mission until coming to Kiryu. Now we've got two families where the kids love and want to listen to us. We just have to pray their parents follow their example.

Being a trainer and a leader is extremely humbling! Sister Lowry is so easy to be companions with, and her Japanese is just going through the roof. They say you learn the most in the last transfers of your mission, and I'm starting to believe them!

We appreciate and need all your prayers for us and Kiryu!! I feel like there is more...but we need to buy food. So! Off we go! I LOVE YOU.
Sister Wylie

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